Office of Instruction

The mission of the Office of Instruction is to provide high-quality services and support centered on student success, facilitate innovative instructional programs, and serve as an instructional resource to our diverse community.

Guidance for using Excused Withdrawal and Incomplete/Excused Withdrawal

Meet The Staff

Vice President of Instruction
棋牌神手官网Jennifer Zellet, PhD

Office of Instruction Staff
Kelly Addington, Administrative Technician
Rhonda Campbell, Accreditation/Assessment Process Specialist
Heather Townsend, Curriculum Process Specialist
Ginny Bounyavong, Instruction Office Specialist
Manny Walsh,  Administrative Secretary
Maryanne Ambler棋牌神手官网, Executive Secretary

Articulation Officer
Letitia Senechal

Dean of Instruction and Student Learning
Patrick Bettencourt

Instructional Design Coordinator 
Michael Smedshammer


Curriculum Committee(Faculty Access) (Public access to view course outline of records)
Guidelines for Low Enrolled Classes
Instruction Council
Instruction Office Forms
Zero Textbook Cost